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Taiwan is sometimes called the "Asian Miracle", a small island of just 23.5 million people, yet it has become one of the top 20 economies in the world, hub of APAC/ASEAN and bridge to China.  Taiwan is currently undergoing a digital renaissance with billions of dollars being dedicated to building a "Asian Silicon Valley" and "5 + 2" Industrial Innovation Plan. Taiwan has some of the best talent in the world, consistently ranking in the top 5 of math, science, and engineering scores.  The Digital Giants are investing heavily to develop Emerging Technologies in Taiwan.  Taiwan provides a wonderful environment to do business or start a company.  One can now find literally hundreds of startup events, incubators and accelerators.  The medical/healthcare community is one of the best in the world and has become a top destination for "medical travel" and Taiwan doctors providing telehealth/telmedicine to other countries.


Besides all the business and technology acumen,  Taiwan is consistently listed as one of the top 10 or 20 Best Places on the Happiest Index, Best Places to Travel, and Best Places for Foreigners to Live and Work!




USBCT led by CEO David A. Hall, and Executive VP Ms. Fion Liao, leverages the Taiwan's vast hardware, science and technology expertise and acts as a bridge to forge partnerships with top global Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) + Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies primarily in the areas of Healthcare/Medical/Biotech/Pharma, to provide the best of the best Emerging Technology available to the Taiwan, Mainland China and APAC/ASEAN markets, via a network of key partners.  USBCT believes that at this point in the 4th Industrial/Digital Revolution we have reached the limits of "discovery and experimentation" and must now seek out wise approaches that include "recombination" and "synthesis" derived from innovative cross-company, cross-industry, cross-cultural, cross-discipline collaboration.


In order to achieve our audacious 10X goals we work closely with like minded, innovative and passionate experts within government, with top Ministers and city Mayors, in academia with university presidents, and renowned professors, in prominent organization with leaders, and top corporate executives at globally recognized companies.  We then work to forge a "NeXus" or “ConneXion” of new, innovative alliances that result in new ways of approaching problem solving and creativity using human centered design.



USBCT has a research team that stays up to date on the latest Taiwan, China and global policies, legal regulations that are critical to digital healthcare technology.  Currently we work with 25 advisers and consultants that are well renowned experts in their fields.  We are involved with a major initiative in the Taiwan and China markets that includes building an Internet of Medical Things IOMT platform and ecosystem for genetic testing that will allow us to provide an “end-to-end solution” centered around precision medicine.  Taiwan has a long history of being a top manufacturer of hard devices.  Now we connect the “hardware” and the “software” in unique ways to create, develop, and market new digital packages to Asia and global markets.  We connect Taiwan companies globally and assist global companies to find partners in Taiwan.





Through our numerous carefully vetted partnerships we have literally 1000s of successful case studies working with 100s of top Global 1000 companies, 100s of academic institutions, and tens of governments worldwide.  In addition to implementing our "AVR + AI + IOMT” healthcare initiatives, USBCT also conducts in depth research, creates business plans, develops "Go To Market" strategies, and raises investments.  To date our investment team has successfully raised tens of millions of dollars for emerging technology ventures.



USBCT truly believes in the experience, dedicated work ethic, and scholarly merit of the people of Taiwan that lead to the  "Asian Miracle".  Our vision and purpose is to empower Taiwan and at the same time improve the health and wellness of its people with innovative new solutions that we can then export throughout the ASEAN/APAC and globally to positively impact people all over the world.


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